Silicone Cups for cupping

Have you heard of silicone cups for cupping the body?

Cupping is a safe, traditional treatment that helps resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain, it helps with releasing adhesions within the fascia. They’re used to gently pull the skin away from deeper layers of fascia.

Using cupping for the sole purpose of putting them on and dragging them around increases blood flow to the area and rejuvenates the skin without leaving cup marks behind.

When I am feeling sore, I will put on some oils and grab my silicone cups, suction it to the area I’m working- usually shoulders, forearms, and abdomen. Then I drag them around to help increase blood flow, release tension throughout those muscles and heal fascial restrictions throughout the areas, giving me more range of motion and overall feeling better.

I will be posting videos in the next little while to show you how to treat your body using cups. Keep checking back to my “Video’s” page to see whats next! Don’t forget to order your cups so you can follow along!

Have any questions or have any treatment ideas you would like to learn about? Send me an email to

See you soon!

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