Silicone Cups for cupping

Have you heard of silicone cups for cupping the body? ELERA Massage Cupping Therapy Sets, (7 Cups) Professional Silicone Massager Tools for Joint Pain Relief, Self Silicone Massage Cups for Deep Muscle, Anti Cellulite, Body, Neck, Knee, Lymph, Facial Cupping is a safe, traditional treatment that helps resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain, it helps with releasingContinue reading “Silicone Cups for cupping”

My Twisted Body

Our bodies are all twisted in one way or another. Some right from birth, some later in life. Its what you do with that twisted body that counts. My name is Cheylene (Shay-lean), and I wear many hats. I am a mother, wife, Registered Massage Therapist, a health and wellness advocate and many other things.Continue reading “My Twisted Body”