My Twisted Body

Our bodies are all twisted in one way or another. Some right from birth, some later in life. Its what you do with that twisted body that counts.

My name is Cheylene (Shay-lean), and I wear many hats. I am a mother, wife, Registered Massage Therapist, a health and wellness advocate and many other things. I started my blog and website for everyone wanting to make a change in their lives, information, and honestly, i just love helping people!

If you know me personally, and some of you do. You know that I genuinely LOVE helping people. I LOVE what I do!

My intentions here are to give information on things you may not have known about many different topics and how they are related to your twisted body.

Some of these topics include:

* The non-luxary side of Massage Therapy and its benefits for your health

* Stretches to take care of your twisted body

* How what we eat affects us in many different ways

*Mindset and changing habits

And many more.. but let’s not get overwhelmed. I tend to get really excited about all of these topics and I just want to tell you all the things!

So, please join me on this journey to better your knowledge, your health, your well-being, your LIFE and your TWISTED BODY!

Best wishes!



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